The Online Event Registration System is Now Live

We know it’s been a bit of a wait, but thanks to the amazing support team at Branch in Brisbane, we can now finally let you know that the 2021 Kiwi Woggle Online Event  Registrations system is now live and you can start registering your patrols to come to Kiwi Woggle 2021. Click here to access it.

Update 24/03/21: We have extended the application completion and submission date till 11.59pm on Friday 26th March 2021.

The online registration system is very secure and easy to use. Although it has taken a little extra time to get it all right, we believe the wait will be worth it as there will be little chance of the system crashing or registrations getting lost.

Simply click this link and get registered for a great camp in Bundaberg this Easter!

Kiwi Woggle 2021 – Quick Update

Hi :), Thanks for visiting our Kiwi Woggle 2021 website.

This blog post contains a quick overview update. It’s positive and good 🙂

We’re very glad we’re able to proceed with Kiwi Woggle and look forward to being your host for the event this year! 🙂

This camp will be conducted under the Queensland Scouts COVID-19 plan and must comply with QBSI.

Please reach out to our organising committee if you have any questions or concerns. Our contact details are at the bottom of each page of this website. We look forward to welcoming you to #Cook250 Kiwi Woggle at Wyper Park this April!

As you can imagine, the postponement of this camp, then the re-scheduling and then re-organising of it has posed a few extra challenges. Nothing dramatic though; just a little extra work and planning.

11/03/21 update: We have been holding off updating this website until all was clear and finalised. We have now updated the website with all the latest information. Please have a good read through our website home page and the Frequently Asked Questions page.
We recommend re-reading the FAQ’s page one week prior to the camp in-case there are any further FAQ’s added and/or any final amendments.

Regarding Online Registration for the Camp:

This year we are utilising the Scouts Queensland Event Online Registration System. It will be completed very shortly. The online registration system will be linked to this website as soon as it is ready. Please bookmark this website and check back regularly (we suggest every 2 days).

All applications are to be submitted by the end-of-day on the 24th of March.

We look forward to a fun Kiwi Woggle 2021! Look forward to seeing you there 🙂

PS. You’ll notice we have kept the name of the event ‘Kiwi Woggle 2020’. We’ve decided to do this for future prosperity since the event was really supposed to happen in 2020. We hope this does not cause confusion. We very much doubt it will.
We hope you agree with our reasoning for retaining the name ‘Kiwi Woggle 2020’ for the logo and other materials.

Staying in Touch Prior to and During the Camp:

Since Facebook is becoming more and more unreliable, we recommend visiting our website blog regularly for any updates or announcements prior to the camp.  You can also like our Kiwi Woggle Facebook page, though we don’t recommend relying upon it purely to receive updates in your Facebook news feed. Visiting (and re-visiting) our website (and its blog) is a much better option in our option and from speaking with the Digital Marketing agency who are assisting us with our online communications and website, Facebooking, etc.

During the camp itself: we may post occasionally to our Facebook page. We may even post a blog article or two here on our website. We’re not planning to run an Instagram channel at this stage.

Kiwi Woggle is back…

Over the last few months, we’ve been in a holding pattern as we await more details on how our annual camp will proceed as the world begins to emerge from isolation.

PLEASE NOTE 11/03/21: Some of the information in this blog post is no longer accurate (especially camp dates). To read a more recent blog post, read our ‘Kiwi Woggle 2021 – Quick Update’ blog post.

The Good News: Kiwi Woggle will now be held from the 2nd to the 5th of October 2020 at Wyper Park Bundaberg.

This weekend has been chosen as it is the Queen’s Birthday long weekend and the end of the September school holidays. We hope that your patrol is as eager as we are to get back to camping and this long weekend allows us to really make the most of what had been planned for Easter.

We will of course continue to follow any and all guidelines from Branch on things like social distancing, hygiene and numbers allowed to gather. However, we are hopeful that by the time of this camp, even stage 3 of the road map for the resumption of face to face scouting will have relaxed further, enabling more participation and less restrictions upon patrols and camp organisers.

Please reach out to the organising committee if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to welcoming you to #Cook250 Kiwi Woggle at Wyper Park in October.


Kiwi Woggle Postponed

No doubt you’ve all been hearing a lot about the Corona Virus and the way public health messages are constantly changing. Here at Kiwi Woggle HQ in Bundaberg; we’ve been paying very close attention. Whilst we were hoping we might still be going ahead at Easter and provide an outlet for our youth members to get outdoors and spend a few days camping; we realise now that isn’t possible.

In accordance with the advice from the Chief Commissioner of Scouts QLD, especially his advice that wherever possible limit closely confined sleeping on camps through separation using individual tents or through sleeping under flies, we have decided to postpone. Please don’t misunderstand though: we are not cancelling! Our local team have discussed this and we are working with our regional and district commissioners, as well as Branch and the Chief to lock in a new date.

In the meantime, please stay tuned to our Facebook page and also to this website as we will keep you informed and discuss the finer points of registration with individual delegates or groups. If you have any more questions, contact us via email:

Who Created this Website

This website was created by a few adults, most of whom used to be Scouts… and most of whom attended Kiwi Woggle Scout Camps in the past!

Jay Daniells (Mullet) owns Green Valley Digital and You Beaut Websites. He and team members James Hill and Jay Donaldson created the website. Info about them can be found here. Green Valley Digital also provided the website hosting.

Matt Gees and Maurie Wilson (Finch) also worked on the website.

Scouts Queensland provided the online registration system using their Scouts Queensland Event Registration System

We have all contributed to it! It was very much a combined effort! 🙂

Jay Daniells also designed the logo, print materials, the official camp badge and did the photoshoot to then select a photo to use in the logo. Jay and Matt setup the Facebook page.

A thank you goes out to our Scouts who took part in the photoshoot. A special thank you also goes to their parents.

Some of the text in this website was extracted from past Kiwi Woggle websites. We thank those who wrote this text. We have also added our own text too.

The Countdown is On!

With schools back from summer break and Scout Groups resuming; the countdown to Kiwi Woggle is well and truly kicking into overdrive.

Since planning for this event began back in March 2018, Bundaberg District Scouts have been meeting regularly to ensure that this Easter experience is one that will stay with all of our Scouts and their Leaders (and hopefully give you plenty to yarn about around the campfire at future Scout camps).

Challenge Valley, Abseiling, Luxembourg, Canoeing up the beautiful Burnett River, Hiking, Zany Pioneering, Rope Making, Hurdy Gurdy, and the popular Scouts QLD Climbing Wall are just a small taste of the activities that are planned for Kiwi Woggle 2020.

Outside of these activities, there will be the usual competition camp guidelines to adhere to and a few special items that are being planned for the evening nocturnal hours at Wyper Park.

The Bundaberg District can’t wait to welcome you to our bush retreat on the outskirts of the City of Bundaberg overlooking the Burnett River for #cook250 – Kiwi Woggle 2020.


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