Frequently Asked Questions

How do we Register your Patrols?

After the 25th of February, please revisit this website to register your Patrol(s) for Kiwi Woggle 2020. The online registration system will be up and running by then.

Update 2-03-20: Scouts Qld have not got the online registration system up and running [click here to register]. Most people so far have been able to register successfully, though we have heard some have had a few troubles (glitches). We recommend using a Windows 10 desktop or laptop computer when registering. Please avoid using a Mac computer or Tablet or Mobile phone.  The system was supplied by Scouts Qld. It is secure. You can also make your registration payment online via the system.

Update 3-03-20: Scouts Qld are looking at the few glitches that have been reported. If for some reason you can not register when you try, please send an email to:

What date do we have to register by online?

You have until the 2nd of October, 2020. Midnight. There is plenty of time.

We recommend you register as soon as you can though. The online registration system will be available on and after the 25th of February. It will be linked to from this website. Please visit this website then to register online.

Are we allowed to have more than one patrol from each troop?

Yes, you can register as many patrols as you would like from your troop or district. These patrols do not have to be established patrols, but all participants must be registered and you will be competing against other members of your troop.

How much is the fee per Scout and per Leader (and Adult Helper)?

The fee per Scout is $35.
Please note: The $35 fee per Scout is only the camp fee. It does not cover their food costs, vehicle travel fuel, etc. This has to be worked out by the Scout’s own group. For example, last year (Kiwi Woggle 2019) we here in Bundaberg decided the total fee should be $100 per Scout, plus pocket-money supplied by their parents so each youth could buy some snacks (and meals) at service stations while travelling to and from the camp,… plus some spending money during the disco night (for drinks and snacks that were being sold).  Note: there will be a disco night at this years event too.

The fee per Scout Leader and Adult Helper is $40. Meals for Scout Leaders and Adult Helpers will be provided within this fee.

Is Ice, Milk and Bread going to be available to purchase?

Yes, patrols can order ice, milk and bread at the camp. Kiwi Woggle 2020 will provide these items at cost-price to patrols.

How many Scouts per Patrol at Kiwi Woggle 2020?

The default rules say: “a maximum of 8 Scouts per patrol” but there is no minimum – 4 Scouts in a Patrol can still work.

How far from Bundaberg is the campsite?

Wyper Park is approximately 14 km or 15 minutes drive from the Bundaberg Railway Station (which is close to the CBD). The campsite is off the main southbound highway and overlooks the Burnett River.

Will there be any activities offsite?

Offsite activities will include a canoe hike and a foot hike. No other offsite activities will be included in the program. Campers and Leaders ideally do not leave Wyper Park for any reason without notification of Camp Chief and typically under exceptional circumstances. Touristing and shopping are freely available prior to and at the conclusion of camp.

Are mobile devices allowed at camp?

Since Scout camps are a great way to spend some time ‘off-grid’ so to speak and enjoy nature and the outdoors, we are providing a rule that youth are not to have their mobile devices during the camp, unless it is an emergency.

We recommend that Leaders bring a Lock-up Security Box to put their Scouts phones in.

If your Scouts need to bring phones etc for travelling communication/ entertainment purposes, then we ask that they are locked away prior to the official start of the camp on Friday 10th April.

We also recommend that all Leaders let each parent know what is occuring before the event, and to assure parents that if they need to urgently contact their child (or children) that they can contact their representative Scout Leaders, who can then take appropriate steps to connect Scouts with their parents., and visa-versa.

It goes without saying that all Leaders and Parent Helpers are to ensure they have adequate ways and means to keep their own mobile phones charged throughout the camp. Wyper Park also has powerpoints at certain locations.


Can we take photos of our campsite, activities and friends we meet and can we post them to social media?

Cameras are permitted to be used for photographing your own campsites and patrols. Kiwi Woggle will have media staff on site and will be taking photos of leaders and patrols who have indicated permission through the usual Scouts QLD registrations. A newsletter will be published from each day of camp and photos will be available on social media for those outside the camp to see. Campers can access social media at the conclusion of the camp and share the official photos with friends and family as they see fit.

What documentation needs to be brought to the Camp?

Please be sure to bring the following documentation:

  • C4’s need to be brought. The C4’s should be filled out to allow for: pioneering, abseiling, swimming, canoeing & bushwalking,
  • The registration form for each youth member, each leader and adult helper: the online registration system emails you a PDF once you complete your registration process. Please print out that PDF document and bring each page of it with you.
  • Provide a document with special dietary requirements, medical info, medications (including dosages), etc for each youth, leader, adult helper, etc.
  • (PLEASE NOTE): Each leader attending should bring (and keep in their car, or somewhere very safe and secure) a 2nd copy of each of the above mentioned documents. As in, keep a copy of all documentation for each of the youth and adult helpers you are bringing to camp.
What else do Leaders need to bring to the Camp?

Please bring enough Ice, Milk and Bread for your patrol(s) for at least the first day of the camp. Patrols will be able to purchase these items as needed at the camp as well. 

** Attn all Leaders: We recommend bringing your own Esky(s) and ice too if you want to bring your own additional non-alcoholic drinks/ cold beverages. We can only expect it will still be pretty hot/warm Easter weekend this year. We want to ensure you’ve got plenty of beverages to enjoy; kick back and relax 🙂

This is a no-brainer: If you are helping with any of the activities and/or will be a sub-camp leader, please be sure to bring everything you will need to aid with helping operate that activity, or performing that task.

What additional things should each Scout bring to the Camp?

Aside from all the usual things each Scout should bring, we would like each scout to also bring:

  • A t-shirt that can be screen-printed on.
  • Aqua Shoes (to wear when canoeing). You can buy them cheap from Big W if your child doesn’t already own a pair.
  • An additional pair of dry shoes that are suitable for hiking. We recommend they also bring an additional set of daily usage shoes.
  • Bottles of water that can easily fit in their back-packs. Also bring a back-pack that is suitable for hiking.
  • At least 2 hats. Both should be wide brimmed. The 2nd one is a back-up hat in case they lose the other one.
  • If you child suffers eye glare issues, or just wants to feel comfortable canoeing, we also recommend sunglasses that can be worn canoeing (that can be lost forever if they happen to end up in the water). OR attach a small floatation device to them. Same too with their hat :). I personally buy polorised safety glasses from Bunnings for this purpose; they’re about $30 a pair for the high-end ones.
  • Some garbage bags to keep items dry while canoeing.
  • Each Scout to bring spending money for the disco evening so they can buy and enjoy some food and drinks.
Can Leaders and Adult Helpers bring a shirt to be screen-printed on too?

Yes, Leaders and Adult Helpers sure can bring a shirt to be screen-printed on! :). It will need to be a white or light coloured shirt. We encourage each Scout to bring a suitable shirt too for this same purpose! 🙂

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