Kiwi Woggle Postponed

by Mar 20, 2020Blog0 comments

No doubt you’ve all been hearing a lot about the Corona Virus and the way public health messages are constantly changing. Here at Kiwi Woggle HQ in Bundaberg; we’ve been paying very close attention. Whilst we were hoping we might still be going ahead at Easter and provide an outlet for our youth members to get outdoors and spend a few days camping; we realise now that isn’t possible.

In accordance with the advice from the Chief Commissioner of Scouts QLD, especially his advice that wherever possible limit closely confined sleeping on camps through separation using individual tents or through sleeping under flies, we have decided to postpone. Please don’t misunderstand though: we are not cancelling! Our local team have discussed this and we are working with our regional and district commissioners, as well as Branch and the Chief to lock in a new date.

In the meantime, please stay tuned to our Facebook page and also to this website as we will keep you informed and discuss the finer points of registration with individual delegates or groups. If you have any more questions, contact us via email:

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