Who Created this Website

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This website was created by a few adults, most of whom used to be Scouts… and most of whom attended Kiwi Woggle Scout Camps in the past!

Jay Daniells (Mullet) owns Green Valley Digital and You Beaut Websites. He and team members James Hill and Jay Donaldson created the website. Info about them can be found here. Green Valley Digital also provided the website hosting.

Matt Gees and Maurie Wilson (Finch) also worked on the website.

Scouts Queensland provided the online registration system using their Scouts Queensland Event Registration System

We have all contributed to it! It was very much a combined effort! 🙂

Jay Daniells also designed the logo, print materials, the official camp badge and did the photoshoot to then select a photo to use in the logo. Jay and Matt setup the Facebook page.

A thank you goes out to our Scouts who took part in the photoshoot. A special thank you also goes to their parents.

Some of the text in this website was extracted from past Kiwi Woggle websites. We thank those who wrote this text. We have also added our own text too.

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